What is Minimalism And Why I Got Rid Of 80% Of My Stuff?




A few years back I really thought that things make me happy. I was trying to buy happiness. I thought that buying a convertible car, Pandora bracelet or a designer handbag will make me so much happier, stupid right? It might sound crazy, but coming from a place where you couldn’t even dream about those things made me think that people who have them might be so much happier, was I wrong? Yes I was…

I was thinking that those things will make me the happiest person ever, don’t get me wrong it did give me that feeling of joy, but it lasted a few days…well maybe a few weeks and then the car just became my new “normal”. Isn’t it weird that we dream of something all our lives and then when we get that thing, it gives us a few days of happiness and that is it? I started overthinking, overeating, thinking that it will make me happy, it did until I looked in the mirror 10 years later, depressed, frustrated. I felt trapped, anxious and unhappy. I started looking for the answer…

On my journey to beat depression and search for my own peace and happiness I came across many things and strategies that potentially could make me less anxious, at peace and simply happy, but one that really worked for me and I got really into lately it’s minimalism.

A few years ago my life was completely opposite to a minimalistic life. I had too many people in my life, too much stuff, too many hobbies, just too much of everything. I was doing lots of things, but felt that nothing was done really well as I was concentrating on too many unnecessary things. I needed a life with fewer distractions, but more time, meaningful relationships and was looking for an answer on how to make my life just more simplistic.

I came across a ted talk about minimalism with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemu the founders of theminimalist.com and I absolutely fell in love in the idea of minimalism. You can watch it here.

I was looking for theories of minimalism that would the best describe it for you and here was my favourite one:

“Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfilment, and freedom”

But what it actually mean in reality? Well you can look at it in different ways… for me minimalism was getting rid of excess shoes, clothes and things that I really didn’t like need or want and having just a few things that actually make me happy and I feel great in.

If you are thinking of becoming a minimalist I came across another amazing blogger Jenny Mustard and her video “How to become a minimalist”, you should watch it it’s great!



Here are the first steps that you need to do if you are thinking of becoming minimalist:

  1. Think of your why? Why do you think that minimalism might be something to consider? Do you feel lost? Have you got too much stuff that you actually don’t need? Do you need more space, clarity in your life? Think of your why!
  2. Clear your space. Divide it into a few parts and clear your space from unwanted gifts, things that are new, but you never warned them, single socks and unnecessary cosmetics in your bathroom. If you are not sure what to do with some of the items just get 3 boxes: donate, throw away and keep, put those items in the right box, hide them and if in a month time you still didn’t take them out, that means that you actually don’t need them…
  1. Organise your time. Your time is valuable, so spend it with people that lift you up, help you grow, people who love you and support you. Write down the things that make you feel happy, and schedule them in your calendar, every single week.
  1. Phone detox. Get rid of the apps that you don’t use, numbers that you don’t need, download your pictures on a drive, you will feel calmer, more organised and happier.
  1. Social media detox! Right! Everyone who knows me know that I am all over social media, It’s my passion, but sometimes I feel that I need a detox, yep even me…Find a day in a week or a month that you will just unplug, you know like we use to do in the olden days ;)heh connect to the nature instead of looking at your phone all day (message to myself).

I hope that you enjoyed my blog. I haven’t written one for a while as I was very busy at work and was working on improving my Instagram as I love sharing my story with you on my Instagram. Please let me know if you enjoy my blogs, Instagram and what would you like me to write about next? Have a lovely Monday guys, see you on my Instagram !

Lots of Love Ewelina x

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