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I was sitting at the airfield seeing planes taking off, wanted to write this blog and as usual me battery went flat. I took a pen and paper and started writing… I wanted this blog to be a happy, positive place where you can pop in anytime to lift your sprit up, a place where I can share my experiences, tips to create more happiness from inside out and outside in as well as talking about some of my challenges that I personally overcome such as depression, anxiety to name only a few…To help, inspire and motivate you to fight to be the best version of yourself!

In my 29.5 years of existence I met many people from different walks of life, from millionaires who were trying to buy their happiness with money and ending up with lots of stuff and lonely and unhappy to disabled people with cancer, without legs, hands, but surprisingly very happy and content. I was always comparing these people and thinking how come those people who are healthy, rich, successful can be unhappy and on the other hand those people who have lots of health issues and challenges can be grateful and appreciate the things that they have and simply be happy?

In my teens and my twenties, I was suffering a lot with anxiety and depression. I always felt that I was different, think differently and was trying to “fit into what society, television and my culture said it was “normal”. If anyone asked me who I wanted to be when I grow up I always just wanted to be happy, but for a long time I didn’t know what happiness meant to me. I was looking for happiness in all of the wrong places: unhealthy food, relationships with the wrong guys, shopping, until I realised that happiness have to come from inside of me not the outside. From this day I started to look after myself, my health and physical and mental wellbeing.


Our true self is who we really are when we forget all of the “norms”, labels and stories about ourselves that overtime we believed in. Here are 3 steps that helped me and can help you to be yourself!

  1. Follow that voice in your head! Yes! everyone of us has it, but only a few people actually follow it! No it’s not easy to change. Take 1 step at the time and do something every single day that will bring you closer to who you really are and what you desire.
  1. Be clear of what you don’t want! I use to spend so much time talking to people that I didn’t like and doing things that didn’t bring any happiness to my life. Stop spending your precious time on doing things that don’t make you happy. Life is too short! Let go of people and things in your life that don’t bring any joy in your life.
  1. Get in touch with your inner child! When you were a child, before the television, culture and your friends told you what you could and couldn’t do you have been yourself, you knew what you wanted and you just did it! Try to find your inner child and dig in to those things that really made you happy!

That’s it for today I hope that you enjoyed my blog. If you think that someone you know would benefit from reading it, please share it with them! Are you looking to create more happiness in your life? Check out my other blog 5 Killer Steps To Create More Happiness Today 

Lots of Love

Ewelina x

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