5 Powerful Reasons To Start Before You Are Ready

 1. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great -Zig Ziglar. This is so true. Nobody is great at doing something from the start. We all need to take little steps, take action towards our dream life. Yes you will make mistakes, but mistakes are only a proof that you are trying. People who don’t take risks never create anything great, because they don’t make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t be afraid to try something and fail, you are still ahead of all those who never even tried.

2. You will never be 100% ready. Let’s face it there isn’t a time when you will wake up in the morning and think everything is perfect and this is the time to do it! Let’s take me as an example. I was procrastinating with writing this blog for soooo long as I was never ready, never good enough. My excuses were always that my English is not good enough, that people will laugh at my spelling mistakes, this that and the other, but screw it! Does it really matter? Yes I am foreign and my English is not perfect and never will be… But 10 years ago I couldn’t even write a sentence in English language. Now I finished College and University and only people who were really close to me know how hard it was for me! The main thing is that I’ve got a message and I need to share it. It doesn’t matter if you speak English, Polish or broken Chinese, the message is the same “ Follow your passion and don’t let your insecurities stop you”!

3. Perfectionism. This is a common one! Don’t let the excuse “ I’m perfectionist” to stop you. For many years I was thinking about starting this blog. The voice in my head was telling me “What if people will laugh at me? You are not a blogger! You can’t write! You are not “perfect”! but nobody is born a blogger, pianist or a singer, you become it by the habits that you cultivate daily and by not giving up on yourself. Don’t let that voice in your head stop you from pursuing your passion.

4. People don’t know what you know. Did you realize that that all of the self talks in your head right? and that only you hear that voice? People need to hear your message. Whether it is signing or painting that you love, you have that talent for a reason! You have to share it with the world to make this world a better place! We are all connected. Everyone of us. What we do or don’t do affect other people around us. Don’t let your fears stop you from sharing that special gift that only you have! You’ve got everything that you need to take some action. Little steps at the time!

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5. Clarity comes from engagement not from thought” says Marie Forleo, my favorite life and a business coach. You can think for 10 years if you should do something or not, but the moment you start doing something that you are born to do you will start feeling so amazing that you will think “ Why didn’t I do it 10 years ago”?! on the other hand you might start to do something that you always wanted to do and realize that it doesn’t make you happy. Just start doing many things that you think you might like and with time you will realize what you were born to do and what’s your purpose in life!

I hope that that you enjoyed my blog. Now go and take some ACTION and follow your dreams! Speak to you soon Ewelina x


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