2 Female Entrepreneurs That You Should Follow On Social Media


Marie Forleo – is one of my favorite business and life coaches. Her YouTube channel MarieTV and her show “Q and A Tuesday” help woman and man to create more happiness and success in their life. I have been following Marie for a few years now and I have learned a lot from her. Her bestseller “Make Every Man Want You” it’s a great book about relationship with yourself and others and no it’s not only for woman! This book will show you how to create happiness from inside out! Especially in those moments when I was doubting myself and weren’t quite sure what to do next in my life, her videos helped me to understand that what I am going through is just a part of everyones journey! Sometimes we need to get really lost to be able to find our purpose and real passion! It’s like having my personal life coach. I love her advice and you will love it too! From productivity to spirituality to amazing interviews with successful entrepreneurs Marie shares her actionable tips that will help you to be more happy, fulfilled and successful in your personal life as well as your business!

htgayw-sticky-slideMimi IkonnMimi is a Youtuber and blogger as well as the co-founder of Luxhair. 30 years old born in Baku, Azerbaijan Entrepreneur and YouTube sensation known for her amazing hair tutorials and life tips. Mimi’s Youtube channel has over 2.8 M subscribers and I will follow her YouTube forever so should you! She is honest, successful, spiritual and open minded. Mimi is an amazing person that you can learn a lot from. Under the age of 30 her and her husband Alex Ikonn created many successful businesses! Mimi has it all, she is beautiful inside and outside. She has created an amazing life, relationship and now she is expecting a baby! I am sure that I will be writing about her again as her videos helped me a lot in the past and I am sure they can help you as well!



I hope that you have enjoyed my blog and found it informative and helpful! See you soon; remember whatever you do make sure it makes you happy! Ewelina x
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