10 Simple Steps To A Happy Skin

image1Over the past 10 years I’ve tried many creams, diets, products and magic pills to have a great skin. Finally, I can honestly say that my skin is the happiest that has ever been. That’s why I would like to share with you my 10 simple steps to a happy skin. I hope that it will help you if you still haven’t figured it out for yourself yet!

1. Healthy diet

You are what you eat, so don’t be cheap, easy or fake! I love that quote. I use to treat my body as a rubbish bin I have to admit! I came to the UK in 2006 being size 10. In Poland food is less processed so I sort of ate similar things in here but with time I got bigger, heavier and become really conscious of my body. From size 10 I went to size 12, 14 ten 16 and then I woke up 10 years later hating my body, depressed and anxious. Now I am on my weightloss journey back to size 12, exercising every day and eating healthy!

Diet is not only important for your brain development, confidence, but also a healthy skin. Every time I would eat an unhealthy take away I would feel sluggish, sleepy and the next day I would get some weird spots. Don’t do it! Eating healthy is fun and will help you to have an amazing happy, clear skin. I think more and more people are waking up to the fact that all of the depression, cancers, illnesses come from the processed food that we eat. Wake up now before it’s too late. I did it so you can do it too! Please learn from my mistakes and don’t treat your body as a rubbish bin!

2. Water

 How many times did you hear that the water is the “key”? Guess what, that’s right it is! But if you are still not drinking 2l-3l of water daily, you need to hear it again! Drink more water!

That’s something I am much better at now, but believe me it wasn’t always a case! I use to drink tons of fizzy drinks, coke, lemonades etc. and thought that water is just unnecessary. Was I wrong? YESSS

We are made 70% of water if you don’t replace it and drink enough of it your body just won’t be able to function properly and clean all the toxins that you eat, breath and all that bad stuff. Drink more water!

3. Ditch the alcohol

 I use to love my whiskey and coke and believe me I still do. However, I realised that every time I drank alcohol my skin felt dehydrated the next day and again I get some weird spots that haven’t been there before I drunk it. Let’s face it when we drink alcohol we literally poor an acid inside our body so it can’t be healthy for our skin right?

I decided not to buy alcohol with my weekly shopping as I use to! I try not to have alcohol during the week. I will enjoy a nice glass of wine with a diner at the weekend or my favourite Jameson and coke now and then, but it will be a rare thing rather than a few times a week like it use to be. Make that conscious to decrease an decision and your skin will thank you for it!

4. Eliminate gluten

There is a lot of hype about gluten at the moment. Is it bad? Is it good? I’m no a doctor so I just speak about my own experience.

When I eat gluten, and (I am not a coeliac, but I believe that everyone of us can benefit from decreasing amount of flower, wheat, bread that we eat) my skin becomes much drier, especially on my hands and around my nose. I am not 100% gluten-free, but I decided not to buy any flour, bread. biscuits to void the temptation.Yes I will have a pizza now and then, but It’s not an everyday thing like it use to be. I feel much better and my skin is healthy, happy and spotless.

5. Know your skin type

Yes, that’s obvious right? Nope! I think that I didn’t know my skin type until I way 25, do you know your skin type? If you don’t you can get your free face mapping analysis done at any beauty salon that holds dermalogica products. It’s so much easier to take care of your skin if you know what you skin is lacking.

My skin was always dry so I spent a lot of time trying to find the right product for my face. As I am 30 this year, yes I’m getting old heh I want my cream to be moisturising and anti-aging at the same time. My favourite product at the moment is RENU 28 from company called ASEA. This gel really helped me to get rid of my wrinkles and my skin has never been happier and spot free!


6. Deep clean your skin daily

I use to have a dry skin and from time to time I would get some spots, but now my skin is just happy, clear from inside out. Most of the beauty products that you use to clear your skin only touch the outer layer of your skin. I was researching youtube and tada! I found Clarisonic brush ! OMG this thing has cleared my skin massively!

What Clarisonic does is clearing all of the pores deep inside your skin, getting rid of all of the make up and the bad stuff that accumulated in your pores. Clarisonic is an investment. I paid for my brush £180, but I believe that you can get it now for less than £100 and it is well worth it! Check out some of the YouTube reviews, that’s what I always do before spending my money on anything! If you need to purchase something, there are hundreds of people who already have what you need to buy, so don’t risk your money, research it, YouTube it , read blogs that you trust! It will save you a lot of time and money!

8. Exfoliate your skin weekly

I use to use some harsh exfoliates until I’ve seen Lisa Eldridge using some Alpha Hydroxy Acid ( AHA ) to exfoliate her skin. Now I use Paula’s choice 10% treatment and I absolutely love this product. It makes my skin sooo smooth and glowing that everyone comments on it. You can check out the video about it here.

9. Use SPF

That’s one more thing that I haven’t been using until I was 25. Especially when you use AHA’s you have to use SPF to protect your skin. Just do it. Yep, just do it!

10. Treat yourself to a visit at a beauty salon

It’s very important to take care of your skin on a daily basis. However, by going to a specialist you not only get someone else to treat you, but you can ask lots of questions to improve your daily routine to get a healthy, happy skin.

I try to do my “spa days” at home all the time, but sometimes it’s nice to let the other people to take care of you. If I visit a beauty salon I make sure that the treatment that I get is something that I can’t do myself at home.

Last month I visited a great beauty salon and a specialist body waxing salon Ducky Fuzz in Winton, Bournemouth for a microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion treatment removes thicker uneven layer of skin and leaves your skin feeling smooth and looking healthy and happy. Big thank you to Amanda the owner of Ducky Fuzz the salon who performed my treatment with a nice face massage. I felt sooo relaxed and my skin was just smooth, clear and simply happy…



That’s it that’s my 10 steps to a happy skin. I hope that you enjoyed and learned something for yourself! If you know someone that is struggling with their skin, please share that blog with them! If you have any tips for me pleas comment below!


Lots of Love Ewelina x

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