My First Blog :)

After many years of procrastination and thinking about having my own blog and sharing my passions I finally decided to take some action! Why did I waited for so long? I don’t know! I think it might have been just a fear of judgment? I didn’t know and I still don’t know if you will be interested in what I have to share, but I have to share it … I just feel that everyone , you and I have something that can help someone else and we need to share that gift that only we have… It might be a skill that I have that will help you to improve your life or the challenge that I went through that can help you to overcome your own challenges. I don’t know… I just have to share what I know with you …my passion for healthy living and my weightloss journey, my social media addiction and extreme desire to motivate people to find their happiness and their own success . Yes… the voice in my head become too loud and I can’t listen to it any longer! I want to motivate myself and you to be the best version of yourself! … If only my blog will help you to overcome a challenge in your life or make a small impact I will be extremely happy!

So who am I?

I am Ewelina. Polish woman who came to Bournemouth, UK in 2006,  for 6 months and stayed for over 10 years. Marketing Executive passionate about social media, self-development,ex badminton player, ex dancer, full time foodie:)  Hoping to share with you my weightloss  journey and the daily adventures, marketing tips and many other things that I am passionate about.

My beginnings in the UK weren’t easy… Coming to live in another country without knowing how to speak English was for some people a crazy idea , but for me it was the beginning of my new journey , the journey to find my real self, my passion, the new way of living…

It’s Friday 10th July at midnight and I am posting my first blog ! Finally. Hope to speak to you soon!


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    1. Hi Kaeden! Wow you have made the first comment on my blog! So exciting! Thank you very much for popping in! Why do you feel down? I am so happy that I could brighten your day! That’s why I started it, to make a difference! Let me know if I can help! Have a good night!

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